Happy Candies

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others. — Audrey Hepburn





The word ‘love’ was created simply to give a reason why someone behaving erratic, silly, overly giving, completely lost and demanding over someone else. Otherwise, we’d just simply called it loony. Or psycho.

To love is not to look at each other, but look towards the same direction.
 Albert Camu from Nate Bagley’s The Lovumentary


I hate dreaming about you. I hate dreaming about how you must’ve judged me wrong, ignored me & pretend that I’m invisible. but mostly, I just hate that my mind seems to keep recording your existence far far after we parted. As if the memory alone wasn’t enough punishment. As if the world doesn’t approve of time.

Places I Wanna Visit at Least Once

This raya holiday, someone ask me if one day I wanna go travelling, where would I go? Well I gave her an answer, but there’s actually at least 10 places I’d love to be ever since I was very little:

1. Japan…from its most crowded to its most silent city. You know, I always find the country so amusing…

2. France. Not just Paris, but their oh so whimsical places too.

3. Prague. 

4. Vienna.

5. Barcelona.

6. London and other cities of England, mostly places listed in history books though.

7. Rome. oh and Venice.

8. Belgium.

9. Tibet.

10. Constantinople.

Yaa…I don’t really fond of sunlight, or beaches, or adventure for that matter…dear boring me ^^;

To Write Or Not To Write? ↘




The nite always keep a little secret, Mars.
My secret is you.

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